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Seamless delivery: TJCY’s three departments collaborate to optimize the delivery process

Dec. 29, 2023

In today's business environment, where efficient delivery is a priority, TJCY has decided to take a number of innovative steps to create a close collaboration by creating three specialized departments: operations, logistics, and documentation, to optimize the delivery process, shorten the delivery time, achieve more efficient, timely delivery of services.

Seamless delivery: TJCY’s three departments collaborate to optimize the delivery process

First of all, the TJCY has established an operations department, which has become a key bridge connecting customer orders, goods, transportation, and documents. The Operations Department plays an important coordinating role in the entire supply chain, ensuring timely response and efficient execution of customer orders through precise planning and management. From order receipt to goods delivery, the operations department finely schedules every link to improve overall delivery efficiency.

As an indispensable part of the transportation process, the logistics department was specially established to integrate sea transportation, air transportation, and rail transportation. The Logistics Department is committed to optimizing cargo transportation solutions, improving logistics efficiency, and reducing transportation costs. By integrating different transportation methods, the TJCY can more flexibly meet the different transportation needs of customers and achieve fast, safe, and efficient delivery of goods.

Seamless delivery: TJCY’s three departments collaborate to optimize the delivery process

Document Department plays an important role in the whole transportation process. The department is responsible for certification, document preparation, document review, ship confirmation, document delivery, export documents archiving and a series of business activities. In addition, the documentation department is also responsible for cargo insurance and Certificate of origin insurance business activities to ensure the accuracy of all relevant documents. This nuanced way of working helps avoid potential problems and keeps the delivery process running smoothly.

During the entire delivery process, each department provides timely feedback on the order status to the customer. The Operations Department, Logistics Department and Documentation Department work together and closely to respond to various problems and challenges quickly to ensure on-time, smooth and efficient delivery. This team-based working model enables the company to better respond to market changes and fluctuations in customer demand.

The TJCY has established an efficient delivery process by establishing three professional departments: the operations department, the logistics department, and the documentation department. This innovative move not only helps streamline the company's delivery process and improve delivery efficiency but also provides customers with more reliable and high-quality services. Through precision collaboration and professional management, the company has won a sustainable competitive advantage in the highly competitive market.

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