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Real-time training: TJCY’s innovative approach to improving user experience

Dec. 16, 2023

In its unremitting efforts to pursue excellent customer experience, TJCY not only focuses on product quality and service efficiency but also focuses on the professionalism of its employees. By launching real-time training programs, the company continues to improve the overall quality of its employees while also creating a more professional and personalized product and service experience for customers.

Real-time training: TJCY’s innovative approach to improving user experience

Real-time training is not only a routine internal activity but also a concrete manifestation of TJCY's deep concern for customer needs. In this rapidly changing market environment, upgrading of products and services is inevitable, and the professionalism of employees is directly related to the company's ability to embrace these changes and provide customers with corresponding solutions. Therefore, the company regularly organizes internal training to ensure that employees always maintain the most cutting-edge professional knowledge in the industry.

This kind of training not only focuses on the product itself but also focuses on communication and learning between employees. Through product exchange and learning, employees from different departments can better understand the company's overall operations and form closer teamwork relationships. This kind of internal communication not only helps deepen employees' understanding of products but also promotes the sharing of knowledge within the company, allowing each employee to give full play to their areas of expertise and provide customers with more comprehensive solutions.

Real-time training: TJCY’s innovative approach to improving user experience

The sharing of professional knowledge is another important part of real-time training. TJCY encourages employees to share the professional knowledge and experience they have accumulated at work and share customer cases through the internal training platform. This kind of sharing not only helps employees learn from each other, but also integrates the experience of actual cases into the training, making the training closer to reality and more targeted, and providing employees with more specific and practical work skills.

Ultimately, this series of real-time training initiatives will directly translate into improved customer experience. The professional employees trained by the company can respond to customer needs more quickly and accurately, and provide customers with more professional and personalized services. This employee-based user experience improvement not only enables TJCY to win a reputation in the market but also establishes a sustainable competitive advantage for the company.

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