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  • Eric Yang

    Eric Yang

    +86 135 4641 4617

    Eric Young graduated with a bachelor's degree in 2008. Since then, he has worked in the international trade vocation for 14 years. In 2014, Eric Young joined Tianjin Chengyi International Trading Co., Ltd., and was promoted from operator to operation department manager, and then to delivery center manager. After years of practice and self-learning, he is familiar with the process of export trade and the main nodes of delivery. Now, he is fully responsible for the work of the delivery center, including organizing, supervising, and coordinating the work of the delivery center of the operation department, the logistics department and the document department, contributing to improving customer satisfaction.



    +86 187 3536 1265

    ELLA PEI graduated from Jilin International Studies University,received her bilingual bachelor's degree in English – French. She joined the TJCY team as an operator on 29. Jul.2013. She is responsible in her own position, takes every orders carefully, and serve every customer sincerely.

  • Amy Hao

    Amy Hao

    +86 134 8531 1408

    Amy Hao received her bachelor's degree in college. During her university studies, she actively communicated with people, completed everything carefully, and possessed the basic skills to become a qualified operator.

    So far, Amy Hao has been an operator for 7 years, she has done everything flawlessly and played a huge role in order fulfillment and smooth shipment. She is good at communicating with people and is familiar with using operational skills to solve problems.

  • onna Dong

    onna Dong

    +86 158 3513 8708

    onna Dong`s major was English, she received her bachelor’s degree in college. She joined TJCY team in 2019 and worked in operation department, good at communicating with factories & customers, dealing with various unexpected problems, mainly responsible for the delivery and smooth shipment of ocean and air orders.

  • Yarling Guo

    Yarling Guo

    +86 187 3413 7627

    Yarling Guo majored in International Economics and Trade with a bachelor's degree and joined the TJCY team in 2021. She is an operations specialist who is responsible for the booking and delivery of goods, ensuring that the goods are delivered to every customer on time.

  • Yang Xiaoya

    Yang Xiaoya

    +86 178 3602 1800 

    Yang Xiaoya majored in International Economics and Trade in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, subsequently got the economics bachelor degree from Shanxi University of Finance and Economics. Yang joined TJCY team since 2022 and now she is working in Delivery Center - Operation Department and responsible for order processing to serve and support our clients. Yang enjoys delicious food, reading, watching documentaries and traveling.

  • Jojo Ren

    Jojo Ren

    +86 188 2926 8298

    Jojo Ren graduated from Xi 'an University of Finance and Economics with a bachelor's degree. She joined Tianjin Chengyi Operation Department in 2022. She is serious and responsible in her work and cooperates well with all partners.

  • Rebecca Fang

    Rebecca Fang

    +86 186 1331 1832

    After graduation, in 2019, Rebecca Fang entered into Beijing Easpring working as an international sales. From 2022, joined in Tianjin Chengyi Operation Department and work deep in the foreign trading.

  • Yang wenjie

    Yang wenjie

    +86 139 9423 1221

    I joined Tianjin Chengyi company in 2010, mainly responsible for the daily management of the document department and the specific operation of the fourth department and the second business department.

  • Nikki Zhao

    Nikki Zhao

    +86 136 5364 9939

    I graduated from Shanxi Datong University of English and joined TJCY team in 2012. I am responsible for the preparation and delivery of export documents, especially proficient in making L/C documents.

  • Ainsley Qin

    Ainsley Qin

    +86 155 3512 5949

    Graduated from Shanxi University of Finance and Economics, major in International Economy and Trading, and join TJCY in 2021.07.

    I am mainly responsible for the specific documents operation of the first and the third business department.

  • Milani


    +86 130 0707 4227

    Joined the company for 20 years and growing up with the company. Clear the past and move on.

  • Doreen Zhang

    Doreen Zhang

    +86 133 1351 2970

    Doreen Zhang was major in the International Economics and Trade in College, and work in Delivery Center – Logistics Department for more than 6 years. She is responsible and always try her best to find perfect logistic solution for sales. Hope we can provide a satisfactory transport solution for you in future.

  • Neil Niu

    Neil Niu

    +86 134 5344 4783

    Neil Niu graduated from Jinzhong University and majored in English. He has worked in Delivery Center – Logistics Department for 4 years and can provide you the best logistics solutions. Hoping we will have a good cooperation in the future.

  • Piper Chen

    Piper Chen

    +86 188 2208 7342

    Piper Chen graduated from Tianjin Normal University. Currently working in Delivery Center – Logistics Department. More than 4 years working experience in logistics industry. She can provide you with the most suitable logistics solutions. I hope we can have a satisfactory cooperation in the future.

  • Gao Chenchen

    Gao Chenchen

    +86 131 1100 7382

    My name is Gao Chenchen, graduated from Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, majoring in international economics and trade. I have three years' working experience and now I am working in the logistics department. I will try my best to provide you with efficient and professional logistics services, and hope to get your support. Nice to meet you all!

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