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Professional Sales

We have professional purchasing team, keep long term relationship with over thousands of manufacturers in China and overseas.

Focus on customer needs

We are deeply involved in the chemical industry, always pay attention to the development of the chemical industry with a global perspective, and oriented by the needs of each customer, build bridges between suppliers and customers, complete the supply chain system, and promote the development of the chemical industry.

Professional team

We have established a professional team with specialization of work and customized Service. The product development center study the chemical market, selects competitive products, and provides professional product solutions based on professional knowledge; The marketing center accurately analyzes the chemical market, grasps product opportunities, and maximizes benefits; The quality inspection and regulation department provides professional chemicals testing, high standards quality assurance; The delivery center tracks the entire process of business orders, and continues to provide one-stop services for upstream and downstream strategic partners.

Standardized process

Global layout and local services, we rely on digital information management to formulate standardized operating procedures and to provide reliable and fast distribution services for global customers. Each order of the customer is managed by a dedicated person throughout the process, and the order information is updated each week, and the standardized full set of services is gradually improved for better customer satisfaction.

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