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Culture Festival Celebration of TJCY

Nov. 01, 2023

In the golden October, we gathered at the renowned Shanxi Jinci Hotel to grandly host the inaugural Cultural Festival and Celebration of TJCY. The theme of the event is "Stick to integrity, regain the past; believe in the future, and set sail."


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01 Cultural Exhibition

As time swiftly passes, we find ourselves in the 24th year of our company's development. In the past 24 years, the development of our company is obvious to all, but it is inseparable from the historical opportunity of the national economy and the rapid development of the national chemical industry. What's more, the country's opening-up policy and rapid economic growth over the past 40 years have given us foreign trade people the confidence to stand upright on the stage of world economy and trade and the courage to participate in the development and competition in the global market.

First, everyone stood up and sang "Sing the Motherland".

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Enterprise culture is a reflection of the company's entrepreneurial journey and a core force propelling its upward development. Our corporate culture embodies the spirit of the company's 24 years of steady advancement and is steeped in numerous inspiring stories of dedication. Employee representatives shared their insights into corporate culture and recounted touching stories. Chairman An Xin of TJCY presented a flag to the employee representatives.

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02 Past Achievements

Over the past 24 years, we have weathered the passage of time, witnessing our own growth. Through concerted efforts and unwavering dedication, we have accumulated fruitful results. This passionate period represents a collective journey, where the chapters of entrepreneurship intertwine to compose our song of growth. Through laughter and tears, we share the joys and sorrows, collectively scripting a glorious chapter in the crucible of time.

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03 Leadership Address

As the company has evolved to its current stature, we must not forget a key figure—the wisest and most diligent individual, whose leadership has enabled us to seize opportunities and make wise decisions in the fierce market competition. His wisdom has empowered us to navigate challenges and emerge victorious.


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04 Honor Recognition

In the months of June and July, a new batch of employees joined our company, hailing from different regions and diverse educational backgrounds. After rigorous training and the collective efforts of teachers and colleagues, these new employees successfully completed assessments and officially joined the company in October.

Chairman An Xin adorned them with the emblem of TJCY.png 

Chairman An Xin adorned them with the emblem of TJCY

The company gave awards and commendations to the employees who performed well, worked hard, stuck to their posts and had excellent sales performance this year.


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In the months of July and August, each department participated in a cultural sharing event, offering insightful presentations and sharing experiences related to corporate culture. Through these activities, employees delved into the essence of corporate culture, incorporating their understanding into daily work routines. The event culminated in a competition where departments contended for the championship, runner-up, and third place in showcasing their grasp of corporate culture.


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05 Glory Promotion

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Reviewing the company's developmental journey, recognizing new colleagues, and showcasing the influence of corporate culture, this heartwarming and momentous gathering marks a milestone in the company's history.

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06 Sporting Excellence

On the second day of the Cultural Festival, the company organized a fun sports event themed "Professionalism, Integrity, Collaboration, and Progress." Sporting events are integral to the construction of corporate culture, fostering communication, teamwork, and enhancing the overall cohesion of the company.


The atmosphere at the sports event was lively, with employees actively participating in various sports activities, embodying teamwork and collaboration. After intense competition, the top three teams of the sports event were recognized.


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Although TJCY's Cultural Festival has concluded, all colleagues in our company will continue to approach international chemical markets with unwavering enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit. We are committed to achieving outstanding market performance, welcoming a brighter future for our company.

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