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Welcome the New Year, TJCY resumes work and shows a new look!

Feb. 19, 2024

Spring is an implicit season; spring is a season of gestation! While galloping, endless sweat writes the majestic pride of the partners; while developing with all one's strength, hard work composes the poetry of TJCY!

In March 2024, all TJCY employees gathered together and held the 2024 kick-off meeting with the theme of "Professional, Integrity, Collaboration and Endeavor".

1. Cultural display

Dragons are soaring tigers are leaping, fighting spirit is high, and the elites are gearing up and eager to try; tigers are roaring and dragons are roaring, passion is surging, and elites are getting ready and united as one. At the meeting site, all TJCY employees read out the corporate culture and sang "Singing the Motherland" together.

2. 3C talent appointment

We are proud of our interdisciplinary team, including business managers, customer service representatives, delivery teams, and our technology, product, and supply chain experts.

In order to complete the company's annual goals, help employees grow, and achieve the goal of "all employees participate in the management and everyone becomes an operator", TJCY began to gradually build a talent arsenal and cultivate talents with business awareness in batches.

 Welcome the New Year, TJCY resumes work and shows a new look!

3. Signing of target responsibility letter

In 2024, Chairman An Xin carefully assessed the situation, looked far-sighted, determined the company's overall work direction and key tasks, and also issued 2024 business goals for each department. At the meeting site, company leaders and heads of departments signed a target responsibility letter.

The signing of the target responsibility letter represents the assumption of responsibility, the concerted efforts of all departments of the company, and the confidence and courage of all employees of the company to successfully achieve various business targets.


4. Leader’s concluding speech

In 2024, under the leadership of the company's senior management, all TJCY employees will continue to adhere to professional leadership, integrity, teamwork, and continuous advancement.

TJCY Group is a professional trading company for industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates, food and feed additives, personal care products, and agricultural chemicals, with a total of five sectors and more than 1,000 products. TJCY Group can provide domestic and foreign customers with one-stop services such as professional procurement, sales and marketing, warehousing and logistics, quality assurance QA/QC, and registration. Choosing TJCY is your best choice!

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