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TJCY: Your Reliable Partner for Construction Chemical Solutions

Jun. 07, 2024

In the ever-evolving construction industry, the demand for high-performance and sustainable materials is growing. As a professional international trading company, TJCY specializes in providing top-notch industrial chemicals, including a wide range of construction chemical solutions. With a strong focus on quality and innovation, we have established ourselves as a trusted concrete additives supplier and waterproofing chemical supplier. Our business scope covers more than 70 countries and regions around the world.


The Importance of Construction Chemical Solutions

Construction chemical solutions play a pivotal role in modern construction projects. They enhance the properties of building materials, improve durability, and contribute to the overall sustainability of structures. At TJCY, we understand the critical importance of these chemicals and are committed to delivering products that meet the highest standards of performance and environmental safety.

TJCY's Comprehensive Range of Construction Chemicals

1.Concrete Additives

As a leading concrete additives supplier, TJCY offers a variety of high-quality additives designed to improve the performance of concrete. Our product range includes:

  • Water Reducing Agents: Enhance the workability of concrete without increasing water content.

  • Accelerators: Speed up the curing process, allowing for faster construction timelines.

  • Air Entraining Agents: Improve freeze-thaw resistance and durability.

Our concrete additives are formulated to meet the specific needs of different construction projects, ensuring optimal results and long-lasting performance.

2. Waterproofing Chemicals

Waterproofing is crucial for the longevity and integrity of any building. As trusted waterproofing chemical suppliers, TJCY provides a wide array of waterproofing solutions, including:

  • Waterproof Coatings: Effective barriers that prevent water penetration.

  • Sealants: High-performance sealants for joints and cracks.

Our waterproofing chemicals are designed to offer superior protection against moisture, ensuring the durability and safety of your structures.


TJCY's Competitive Advantages

Quality Control

TJCY maintains strict quality control protocols to ensure all products meet international standards. Our commitment to quality guarantees that our clients receive the best materials for their construction needs.

Technical Support

Our professional team provides comprehensive technical support to help customers choose the right products and use them effectively. Our product and laboratory teams are always ready to provide guidance and solutions based on your specific requirements. 

Global Supply Chain

With a robust global supply chain, TJCY ensures timely delivery of products to our clients, no matter where they are located. Our efficient logistics and distribution networks enable us to meet the demands of the global construction market.

Industry Trends and Innovation

The construction industry is witnessing a shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly materials. At TJCY, we are at the forefront of this movement, continuously innovating to offer greener construction chemical solutions. Our products not only enhance performance but also reduce environmental impact, aligning with global sustainability goals.

Success Stories and Applications

TJCY's construction chemicals have been successfully utilized in numerous high-profile projects around the world. For example, our concrete additives have significantly improved the strength and durability of structures in major urban developments. Similarly, our waterproofing solutions have protected critical infrastructure from water damage, earning us the trust and satisfaction of our clients.


As a leading concrete additives supplier and waterproofing chemical suppliers, TJCY is dedicated to providing exceptional construction chemical solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes us the preferred partner for construction professionals worldwide. Contact TJCY today to learn more about our products and how we can support your construction projects with our advanced chemical solutions.

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